Learner Lyceum (LL) exists to equip, empower, and encourage the home-school population 1) to partner with religious groups and 2) to bring the benefits of classically humane education to the LC student and alumni’s children. The trivium and quadrivium associated with classical education inform LL’s design.


The rationale of LL claims that a similar learning experience will enrich the relationship between LC participants and their LL children. The home school and religious group participants also benefit from receiving the return on mission of helping LL’s participants. If it is good to help prisoners (Matthew 25:36); and if it is good to help children (Mark 10:14); then it is doubly good to help the children of the incarcerated to avoid the pull of their parent’s former example as the parent struggles to become free of their habitual criminality.


Dr. Jeffrey D. Kreh and other officers administer the program. To accomplish this goal, they will design the curriculum, schedule, and ancillary required elements for a private pre kindergarten through twelfth grade classical school and offer an administrator’s license to qualified persons agreeing to administer LL to the children of LC participants without cost to the child’s family or guardians. LL will also accept assistance from the classical education community (i.e., tutors, writing coaches, lecturers, etc). This program will take place predominantly in Arkansas and relies on professional connections throughout the United States. As LL grows, Likewise will reach out to the home school and religious organization communities across the nation. LL requires approximately 5% of the corporation’s resources. The program’s activities are coordinated from the Likewise home office in Searcy, Arkansas.