2003 October       
Board Members Begin Prison Ministry: Henderson, Jewell, and Kreh, along with Alan Nesbitt and Jeff Henig, begin prison mission work as singing group “Jonah Ministries.” First concert held at the Varner Unit.

2010 December       
Planning Begins: Dr. Jewell (Chairman) and Mr. Kreh (President) begin planning Likewise

2014 November       
Higher Ed for Inmates: Chaplain Mayfield and Kreh visit re. higher ed for ADC inmates

2014 December       
Feasibility Study: Kreh begins feasibility study re. programs in other states

2015 February       
Chaplains Meet: Chaplains Wheeler, Mayfield, and Mr. Kreh visit re. higher ed for inmates

2015 March       
Curriculum Planned: AA in Humanities and AS in Entrepreneurship curriculum planned

2015 June       
Arkansas Nonprofit: Arkansas nonprofit articles of incorporation awarded to Likewise Inc

2015 October       
ADHE Meeting: Dr. Kreh visits with Arkansas Department of Higher Ed (ADHE)

2015 December       
LOI Delivered: Letter of Intent delivered to ADHE re. Likewise College

2015 December       
Corporate Officers Appointed: Board elects officers and appoints Kreh to President role.

2016 January       
LOI Accepted: Letter of Intent accepted by AHECB re. Likewise College

2016 February       
The Books of Luke: Began prototyping TR-1000: The Books of Luke at Tucker Unit (35+ participants) at the Island of Hope Chapel

2016 March       
New College Application: Application for New College delivered to ADHE re. Likewise College

2016 June       
AAH & ASE Proposed: Submitted degree proposals for Associate of Arts in Humanities and Associate of Science in Entrepreneurship to ADHE

2016 July       
Partnership with UK Ministry: Entered into an agreement with MissionAssist to use their EasyEnglish Bible in course readers

2016 July       
College Status Granted: Received AHECB and ADHE approval to enter the formal planning and development stage

Likewise College is certified by the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board for the purposes of institutional planning and development only, and state authorization for institutional operations is pending under the rules and regulations implementing Arkansas Code §6-61-301. Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board certification does not constitute an endorsement of any institution or program. Such certification merely indicates that certain criteria as defined in Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board policy have been met as required under Arkansas law.

2016 July       
Website Launched: Website Launched: www.LikewiseInc.com website launched to promote and support the planning and development stage of Likewise College