Likewise College (LC) exists to equip, empower, and encourage prison inmates to pursue the fulfillment of their highest human potential. Successful higher education for prison inmates programs—which consistently show that the amount of in-person, college-level, credit-bearing coursework that an inmate completes directly reduces his or her likelihood of returning to prison—inform LC’s design.


LC coordinates its activities through the Chaplaincy Services of the Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC). We designed the Associate of Arts in Humanities and Associate of Science in Entrepreneurship to offer qualified prison inmates a blend of professional interactions in the prison and correspondence and/or distance delivery methods when prudent as they pursue a Christian liberal arts higher education.


To accomplish this goal, LC collects donations to compensate education professionals at a hazardous duty rate 30–35% higher than similar private, higher education institutes. LC pays more because the regular risks to faculty—which have to waive their hostage rights in exchange for access to their students—and the potential benefits to society are extreme. LC refuses to solicit government funding, choosing instead to rely on the goodwill and generosity of private citizens, businesses, and foundations.


Dr. Jeffrey Kreh and other officers administer the program. LC also accepts assistance from advocates of classically humane education (i.e., tutors, writing coaches, lecturers, etc). The program currently takes place in Arkansas and relies on a network of professional connections throughout the United States. As LC grows, Likewise plans to reach out to the correctional community across the nation. LC requires approximately 70% of the corporation’s resources. The program’s activities are coordinated from the Likewise home office in Searcy, Arkansas.