Likewise Adult School (LAS) prepares under qualified prospects of LC for college level rigor—the needs of which inform LAS’s design. Like LC, LAS coordinates its activities through the Chaplaincy Services of the ADC.

To accomplish its purpose, we collect donations for similar reasons and at similar rates as LC. LAS, however, relies most heavily on the volunteer activities the LC student body and a network of retired teaching professionals. During the summer break, education specialists guide LC student volunteers as they learn to help peers in their prison community learn how to teach their children and friends in the subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic. This “train the trainer” method (popularized in Walmart Distribution Centers’ best practices) works everyday around the world to deeply ingrain the skills in those who are learning by training others.


Dr. Jeffrey D. Kreh and other officers administer the program. LAS also accepts assistance from advocates of classically humane education (tutors, writing coaches, lecturers, etc). The program takes place predominantly in Arkansas and relies on a network of professional connections throughout the United States. As LC grows, Likewise plans to reach out to the correctional community across the nation. LAS requires approximately 10% of the corporation’s resources. The program’s activities are coordinated from the Likewise home office in Searcy, Arkansas.