ABOUT likewise

We exist to equip, empower, and encourage prison inmates to pursue the fulfillment of their highest human potential.


Simply put, recidivism is getting rearrested after leaving prison. According to the National Institute of Justice, over 3/4ths (76.6%) of released prisoners go back to jail within 5 years of release. This problem impacts prison inmates, their families, and the entire community. We believe a Classically Humane education can end the recidivism cycle.


Rand Corp conducts regular research into the effectiveness of prison education.
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We the participants of Likewise, respecting the residual image of God within all humans, and desiring to equip, empower, and encourage the highest fulfillment of human potential through Constructivist methods, classically humane materials, and a Great Commission model for helping others learn how to learn, to live, and to lead Christianly, do hereby ordain and establish these Bylaws for Likewise Inc.